10000 HITS- Let love win 約書亞樂團 - 愛贏了

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THANK YOU! I'm extremely humbled by this milestone. Today, sometime during my work hours this little personal blog of mine reached 10,000 hits. I don't know why people stop by, whether they randomly stumbled on the page or whether they saw me post about it, but I just want to thank you. Thank you for sharing the ups and downs of my life over the last two years. 

I started this blog in September last year. It was a difficult time for me dealing with many stressors and it was a way for me to process things going on around me. And since they I think I have grown so much intellectually, physically (unfortunately), and spiritually. There were times when I was broken completely and other times when I feel complete victory through Christ. And even if I don't want to admit it, it's always been about Love. And somehow or another, Love Always Wins. 

THANKS AGAIN! I hope I can report back this time next year as Dr Li, but for the time being, it's still me, Kikoprincess, with faith as small as a mustard seed.

曲名:愛贏了 Let Love Win
english translation: Kikoprincess

我知道你愛我 我知道你愛我 耶穌
[I know you love me, I know you love me Jesus]
我知道你愛我 此時此刻 此時此刻

[I know you love me, moment by moment]

我只想信靠祢 你的愛使我堅定

[I just want to trust in you, your love makes me firm]
讓我有信心 居住在你愛裡

[Let my faith be made in your love]

我相信 你的愛 享受在 你懷裡

[I believe, that your love embraces me]


[I cannot earn your love]

[I know that because I am not worthy]
你愛我只因為你是愛 愛贏了

[You love me because you are love, let love win]


[No one loves me like you do]

[Nobody loves me so]

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