Review: Full House (2004) The original kdrama

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Summary: Han Ji Eun's lives at Full House, a house built by her late father until her friends trick her into going overseas and sells her house in order to pay their debts. Meanwhile, the house is bought by Lee Young-Jae, a famous actor who is also a clean freak. This actor feels sorry for Han Ji Eun and allows her to stay there as a maid. The 16 episode describe how two strangers living under the same fight, clean and fall in love.

My thoughts: This is the original kdrama for me. This was how I fell in love with Korea. When I first went to Korea at the end of high school, I had little appreciation for the culture and country. But now, after several years of kdrama addiction, I have come to recognize, accept and feel like I am part of the world of kdrama. The plots are exaggerated, almost completely unbelievable. The characters are always last to learn the truth.

In this particular plot the male protagonist doesn't realise that he loves the wrong girl until it's almost too late. The second male lead is the nice guy who becomes an emotional support for the female lead and falls in love with her. Only the female lead has already fallen in love with the main character. Then there are annoying third parties who always complicates things in order to get their own way. Does this sound familiar? A little like Boys over flowers? A little like Goong? A little like ...?

But you know what? The bible also has love stories that are as romantic as these... like the story of Jacob and Rachel (funny version here modified from Genesis 29:  where Jacob loved one woman so much that he worked many years for her, but was tricked by her father into actually marrying her sister! Or the story of how the strong man, Samson, fell into the trap of his enemies because he was coaxed into telling the secret of his strength by a woman. Why don't you spend some time exploring the many stories the bible has to offer today!

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