Testimony- trying to fill life's emptiness

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This is the testimony sharing we had at youth fellowship on Saturday night. Please excuse the poor English translation.

Summary: This girl was the top of her class and tried to get the approval of her parents and others by being the best in everything- in school, in relationships, in looks, etc. She was able to feel successful throughout her primary and secondary school life. Then she started to notice that those around her were really pretty and she felt inadequate. She started to get symptoms of bulimia nervosa and insomnia but then it just kept getting worse. The frequency of her episodes got much more frequent and uncontrollable.

Even when she got into university, she tried to be the best and was in many different committees. It was at this time she was being pursued by several boys. But they grew tired of waiting for her and this left her devastated. Can love be eternal?

One day in class, she saw that one of her peers had a bible. She was laughing at him, mocking him, but he invited her to his bible study anyway. When she went, listened, and prayed. She wept. She felt like she was a sinner- the first time this had entered her mind.

The second part of the testimony shows the changes in her life. How God has used her to reach out to others.

My thoughts: Watching this in a dark room, surrounded by people who knew me was a bit difficult. The girl's history is not unlike my own. For the longest time I had a deep need to seek approval of others. And I too have accumulated many many folders worth of worthless paper. Certificates, awards that were used to boost my worthiness.

I too tried to fill the void in my life with friendships, material possessions, leadership positions, relationships. And this was after having grown up in a family of Christians! Alas, it took me quite a while to turn away from that line of thought. I'm not perfect now... but I know God isn't done with me yet!

If you or anyone you know suffers from Bulimia Nervosa, please see this website for details: 


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