We're never gonna stop - hillsong running

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Although my knee is still in pain, I have to begin somewhere so in the last week, I have undergone hydrotherapy and done short walks. In the same way, after the destruction of the storm, New York (and beyond) will start to salvage what they have and rebuild. It will take a lot of hard work and resources, but we are never going to stop.

Hillsong Cornerstone.

I love this compilation. I was recently in New York's hillsong service where they were also singing songs from this album. I hope others can also be inspired by the music to give glory to our father :)

Please keep praying for the recovery efforts in NY and beyond.

Tabs http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/h/hillsongs/running_crd.htm

Title: Running
Album: Cornerstone (2012)
Band: Hillsong LIVE
Email: jadynjack@hotmail.com

B/// E/// G#m///// E/
A-----------------------------------------------| x2

B                            E
Ready at the line looking out
G#m                               E
Looking out all thats ahead
B                                 E
When every heart confesses your name
G#m                                      E
Where pressing on towards that day

B                    E
We're never gonna stop
G#m                     E
We're never gonna stop

Verse 2: (Same Chords)
Letting go of every mistake
Throwing off the chains of restraint
All that will remain, a passion for your name
Burning as we run this race


B                 E
We are Running,
G#m                             E
Chasing after all that you are
B              E
We are Running
G#m                                               E
Because all that you are is all that we want now.

Verse 3:
Every stride is taken in faith
Every step compelled by your grace
We're taking up our cross, no matter what the cost
We give it all to go your way

Pre- Chorus


Bridge: (Same Chords as Interlude)
Onwards we draw towards your light
Desperately seek to know you more and more
Further we look beyond ourselves
To your love, to your love 


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