Mixed... and beautiful

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There is something incredibly beautiful about mixed-decent babies. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the home of a mixed couple. They are sooo beautiful together.

And when i saw this music video by Joshua team, I was thinking about them.

It's an incredible blessing to see people put behind them cultural differences in order to demonstrate love and to reach out for Christ! Working together for His glory is such a beautiful thing.

約書亞樂團 - 更深呼求

曲名:更深呼求 Deep Cries Out
詞曲:Christiann Koepke,Willlam Matthews

這泉源 永遠都不枯竭
敞開天上的門 從天降下
這恩典 永遠不會短缺

挑旺內心被你吸引 像攪動一口深水井
我們跳舞在聖靈裡 自由的運行
挑旺內心被你吸引 像攪動一口深水井
我們跳躍在聖靈裡 更深的經歷

來呼求 更深的呼求
來呼求 更深的呼求
我們呼求 更深的呼求 主耶穌

你呼召我們 更深的進入 聖靈河流裡
讓我們走進 聖靈水流裡 緊緊跟隨你

若是祂往左邊走 我們就往左邊走
若是祂往右邊走 我們就往右邊走
We're gonna Jump Jump
Jump Jump in the river
Jump Jump, Jump Jump Everybody

We're gonna Dance Dance
Dance Dance in the river
Dance Dance, Dance Dance Everybody

We're gonna Shout Shout
Shout Shout in the river
Shout Shout, Shout Shout

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