My very own warrior poet?

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My friend shared this blogpost with me today. She is a beautiful person who is so focused on seeking God's will in her life and searching for a husband that will help her grow in faith. I am so thankful for the experiences and people who I have met over the last year. Looking back, I am really surprised with my thoughts about how the world should work.

These positive and negative experiences have taught me so much in retrospect and have shown how much I lack in wisdom. And while I am learning, I am realising more and more that I need grace. Once upon a time I think I was searching for a prince charming, but I agree with the author of the blogpost, it's about finding someone who has shown the battle scars and knows that victory is already won. And I don't think God could have taught me this in any better way- for I too bare battle wounds and I know true victory belongs to God.


In which I ramble about warrior poets, husband lists and grace

A while ago, a few friends and I were commenting on a Facebook thread about “warrior poets”, when one of my friends wrote this to another:

It wasn’t until a few days ago when I was cleaning my desktop that I found the screenshot that I took of that statement. The friend who was supposed to do the inspiring had recently entered into a relationship with someone who has an absolute heart of gold. I had the amazing blessing of getting to know them individually over the past couple of years.
She has an unwavering faith that I am so awestruck by, and her example in speech, life, love, faith and purity is so inspiring. The first time I met her, we dove into deep issues of faith, and I was struck by her honesty and authenticity – the kind that the world needs more of. Her young man is someone who pursues the heart of God humbly, and God gave me the amazing opportunity to watch him walk closer and closer to Christ during the year that he lived on my residence floor at university. We met up a few times over the past year and it was so exciting to watch God launch him into trajectories that he never anticipated heading toward.
As I observed them seeking after God about their relationship in prayer and in waiting, I was so filled with joy. I love it when God orchestrates two people to walk together for His glory, and these two truly have His purpose in mind above their own.
All this excitement got me thinking about warrior poets. The term “warrior poet” used in the sense of a godly man comes from Eric and Leslie Ludy’s Set Apart Girl ministry. It’s used to describe a man who is a warrior in defending and protecting, and also a poet in quiet and humble pursuit of God. After reading, journalling and writing so much about my own warrior poet, I once thought I had a really good sketch of what a warrior poet is. My list was as follows:
  • He must, above all, put God and His purposes above his own, passionately pursuing the heart of God, loving God with all his heart and mind and soul and strength.
  • Every day, he is passionately pursuing the mission that God has given him, both professionally and personally.
  • He rises to the occasion to defend those society forgets – the orphans, widows and the poor. He has a heart for the broken, messy, lonely, ill and the nations; compassionate for the marginalized.
  • He loves deeply and is not afraid to be authentic and vulnerable.
  • He is actively leading, serving, mentoring and disciplining others.
  • He treats his parents and older generations with respect.
  • He lives a disciplined life.
  • He knows and acknowledges that he is not perfect – and repents and humbly seeks remediating for wrongs.
  • He is a man of integrity, honesty and truth. He is growing in maturity of his emotions and character. He is admirable and respected.
  • He has a sense of humour; can laugh at self and days to come.
  • He is a good steward of time and resources.
In between the day when I came up with this list and today, God has taught me so many things. Yes, without doubt there are markers of immaturity and character flaws that will make a relationship and marriage more difficult. Yes, it would be amazing if the warrior poet’s heart of compassion matches mine. Yes, fundamental aspects of faith, theology and morality should be well-matched for a wise marriage. Yes, all the things I’ve written above make up a wonderful man.
But I’ve come to realize that I’ve bought into the law, not grace.
As I’ve been learning about grace, I’ve come to realize that it is the struggle that makes a man. It’s not being invincible to pride or fear or lust, but it is the active and constant struggle against these and all sin that marks a man. It is not ticking off godly things from a checklist, but it is choosing Christ despite the cost, and failing, then rising up again. It’s not about never making a mistake, but it is about humbly repenting and reconciling with God and others.
Fabs puts it well: “Look for the guy who is covered with scars from the fight. Look for the guy who is bloody and bleeding with this huge grin on his face because he’s confident that the war is already won. Don’t stare at each other too long. Link arms or get back-to-back so you can make each other stronger before the next attack. Then fight your way home to your true Hero.”
As I struggle with sins in my life, I pray that God will one day provide for me a warrior poet who will struggle and fight and grow with me. He can’t and won’t be perfect, but he will carry the marks of struggle with sin. He knows how broken and in need of healing he is, and that his every step is sustained only by the power of Christ. He has a story of brokenness and renewal, of failing again and again but fighting once more. It’s a story of grace, for we have all fallen short of the glory of God and need humble and true repentance before God and one another.
My dear warrior poet, wherever you may be, I am excited to hear your story one day.

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