Movie review: Happy feet 1 (2006)

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Movie review: Happy feet 1 (2006)

Movie summary: The original happy feet is about Mumble, an odd penguin. While penguins normally sing a "heartsong" to attract their other half, Mumble's dad accidentally exposed his egg to the extreme temperatures causing him to be different. He can't sing. And he tap dances, something other penguins deem different. After some trials Mumble is sent away from his family and he meets other misfits who adopt him into their group.

He is eventually caught by humans and put into an aquarium. He captures the attention of the humans by his dancing and leads them back to his home where the other penguins are struggling to survive because of overfishing.

Oh, and even though he can't sing a "heartsong", he gets the girl in his own way :)

My thoughts: Happy feet 1 is suitable for the entire family. And it's a marvel, something everyone should have in their family DVD collection, a classic. The theme song music is beautiful and heart warming. I laughed, cried, gasped and sighed. I felt like I grew with mumble.

The moral of the story: Embrace your uniqueness. I am a little like mumble. I'm not good at the things people expect that I'm good at. I sometimes wonder whether others will accept me just the way I am. Will others accept me just the way I am?

While writing this review I stumbled on this blogpost ( highlighting how Happy feet is against christianity. I really disagree with this. I think, we as Christians, can learn to be more accepting and it's teaching kids a really important lesson of acceptance.

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