Movie Review: Left behind (2007)

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Movie review: Left behind (2007)

Movie summary: People like Buck, war report, Rayford, pilot go about their daily lives as the earth goes towards the rapture. Suddenly, millions of people around the world disappear without their clothes leaving the rest of the people to wonder what has happened.

Can you imagine when drivers disappear from their cars, pilots disappear from planes? Devastation. They slowly begin to realise that those who were taken were children and believers of Jesus.

From within the chaos, a man name Nick claims to promote peace.

My thoughts: I have to admit, I read the books long before I learned about the existence of a dvd. At the time I was reading the books, they were gripping, scary and truly it gave me a wake up call. In fact, while reading the series, the events of September 11 transpired. I had grown up during the time of peace, in Australia, we were isolated from the news of internal wars, famine, floods, etc. So September 11 gave me a wake up call- it's like the birth pains before the events of the bible unfold - the end of times. And since September 11, there has been natural disaster after natural disaster, human calamities after human calamities.

The scene I still think about so many years later is when people are suddenly taken. The true followers of God suddenly disappear and the people left behind are confused when they look at the clothes left behind, etc. But it's sad to find that even pastors were left behind- because they did not truly believe.

I recommend the book series above the movies. But if you don't have time the movies are always good. Recommended for teenagers (not really appropriate for children to watch alone as it is quite confusing) It's dramatic and gives you food for thought. If you end up watching this with non believers be prepared for rebuttal and questions.

But the real question is: Will you be left behind?

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