Movie review: Facing the giants (2009)

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Movie summary: Facing the giants (2009)
Coach Grant is struggling to get through life, his wife is struggling with infertility, he is struggling to make ends meet, he is facing possible unemployment as his high school football team hasn't won a game in 6 years. Despite all this, he and his wife remain faithful to God. 
A new team member, David is recruited even though he has never played football before. This little kid comes face to face with giants double his size. 

But the main problem is that Coach Grant's team knows that they have lost even before the starting whistle has been blown. They know they are a loosing team. They know they have no hope, so why bother? They don't take the training seriously. 

In the famous death crawl, Coach Grant challenges a young player to crawl across the field with another player on his back. At first the team watches on and laughs, they soon stop laughing when he sees how hard this player is working and how far he goes. He screams "It's too hard" "It's heavy" but he keeps going. He would have given up at 12, but blindfolded, Coach Grant keeps encouraging him to "not to quit until he has nothing left" "everything he has got" "keep driving". Don't give up! And then we witness the unthinkable- he is at the end zone.

Coach Grant spreads the message- that we should praise God whether we win or lose. 

My thoughts: I highly recommend this film to young people and youth groups. I found it an inspiring movie well grounded in Christian principles. It's another successful film by the volunteers and Sherwood. In America, the film had controversy as it received a PG rating because it had religious content. Yes, it's a highly Christian film and yes, it will have teenagers turning their lives to God. I cried at that point, but I don't want to spoil the movie for you. 

We all know that David will beat goliath but we still watch on to see how this happens, and the process is entirely worth your time. 

Are there times we are faced with Giants? Are there times when we feel like we are David? You maybe a mother facing a mountain load of washing and demanding kids. You maybe a teacher facing difficulties with your kids and motivating them to succeed. You maybe a student facing endless exams and impeding disaster. You maybe someone suffering from addiction. You maybe thinking tomorrow looks bleak. Whatever your giant is... can I challenge you to face Your giant?

Whether we win or lose the next battle- let's give God our best and praise him no matter the result. "Don't quit"

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