Movie review: Fireproof (2008)

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Movie review: Fireproof (2008)

Movie Summary: Catherine and Caleb (a fireman) are facing serious problems with their marriage. They are both so self-seeking and wanting their partner to do more for them. When divorce becomes imminent, Caleb's father challenges Caleb with a dare, a "love dare". In this 40 day test, Caleb is pushed to woo his wife and to take her criticisms and scepticism without reacting back. Catherine on the other hand is exploring her options with a doctor at work and thinks that this doctor has paid for her mother's medical expenses.

Caleb takes the lead and finds out what real love is, and finally understands that it's sacrifice. He becomes a follower of Jesus. His wife eventually realises what Caleb has been doing for her is out of love and not of selfish motives and becomes truly moved. 

My thoughts: Despite what my current pastor thinks, I loved this movie. It was made as a low-budget christian film and when you bare that in mind, you will enjoy the movie a lot more. And I think being a therapist makes me intrinsically more interested in movies like this. I watched this with my adult youth fellowship group and I think the girls enjoyed the movie more than the guys but I definitely recommend it to couples. I am yet to get the love dare book, but once I do, I'm sure I'll recommend that too.

Let's face it, we are human. So when two humans get together, it just multiplies the imperfections. For many years I thought relationships were all about what I could get out of it. And thus, no successful relationships. How could the other person satisfy my needs? How can the other person make me feel special? Instead, I am now learning more and more through movies, through examples that sacrifice and serving the other makes relationships last.

I have recently been blessed with spending time with two of the most beautiful people in the world. Their every action radiates love for each other and love for God. You know, in all their 10+ years of marriage, they have never spent a night apart. Even when they were in hospitals, even when things were tough, they went through it together. I look at their actions and I see a servant heart. The husband goes out of his way to be a gentleman and the wife makes it a point to be encouraging. Now they couple didn't get married till later in life. And you know what? I think the RIGHT ONE for me is worth waiting for too :). 

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