Movie review: Remember the titans (2000)

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Movie review: Remember the titans (2000)

Movie summary: Based on a real story, the movie follows the drama of the division between white and black americans in 1971. Blacks and whites have to go to the same school for the first time and the high school students are naturally afraid of the differences. The story shows how it's possible to put aside the colour of your skin and the things your friends say to play a game of football together.

*I have used the word black here to stand for african americans in line with the term used in the movie. No disrespect is intended.

My thoughts: It's not the first time I've seen this movie but each time I watch it I laugh, I cry and I become engrossed with the storyline. I am still crying as I watch this. I think it's about being in America and watching this after having spent some time with African Americans I realise just how big an issue prejudice is.

I really recommend this film for those looking for a feel good movie with inspiration.

We were all made differently. But we all descended from the same ancestors and these ancestors were made by the hand of God. Before we react with hate, let us try to react with love.

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