an experience an a half

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There have been several occassions in my life where I had been truly grateful for survival. Yesterday was one of those.

We boarded an extremely small boat to view hk geological park to battle the waves of HK. no, you dont need life jackets, no the beeping sound is of no concern. Seriously? If I wasnt afraid then, imagine my terror, when the boat stopped moving in open water. I was sitting at the back of the boat with nothing stopping me from falling into the freezing cold waters but my arms clinging onto the boat with dear life.

My brother thinks I'm still recovering from shock. Well, I've never been so embarassed in my life to puke in the middle of a shopping trip. For the last 24 hours I have gotten to know the bathroom and bed quite well. But thanks be to God that I survived and that my recovery has been so quick.

Its these experiences that remind me that life is short, we have to be grateful for each living moment. And health is something we cannot take for granted.

Christmas song #22

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