Family gatherings

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Family gatherings at my household are pretty spectacular. From outside the apartment, people may think there must be a huge rowdy crowd inside sharing in all types of cheer. Instead, inside is a very intimate gathering where family members are only right if they are the loudest. People stop around and make fun of each other and politics. I'm probably a little mouse in comparison to the verbose team. I sit and observe, occassionally volunteer an answer about my phd, no I havent finished, yes, perhaps i should get married instead, then people leave me to my own devices as I try to keep up with the changing topics- ranging from how to cook food, to politics, to movie stars to work issues and exchange rates. Even on the coldest of nights in winter, when my family is around, it becomes warm and inviting- unless you are overwhelmed. Its hard to imagine a silent night at my house when the whole family is around. I often say, it's not the food we eat, but the company we keep AND the greatest present is your presence. 

Yet, we often related Jesus' birth to a silent night where all was calm and there were little people around- just a manger filled with animals. Silence, although peaceful can often be associated with loneliness or despair whereas volume screams of a celebration.

But in the silence, we can often reflect more. We can consider the magnitude of His love for us by choosing freewillingly to come down to earth, to bear our sins on the cross and to rise again. Thank you Lord Jesus, for the greatest gift of love, this christmas, and everyday.

Christmas song #24

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