No gifts to present

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I LOVE gifts. It's not the value of the gifts, it's the thought that counts for sure. I LOVE giving gifts; especially hand made gifts. Gifts help me to express the love inside of my heart.

Christmas, birthdays, just because.

I also love giving cards and letters. Hand written letters and cards are so deep and meaningful!

I attended a sermon a while ago that stuck to my heart. I have modified the story a little:

It's coming up to Christmas and a teacher had received some gifts and cards from her students. She opened each of the christmas cards up just before Christmas. The first card was a lovely Christmas card printed "world's best picture", hallmark, obviously worth the $7.99 price tag. The student hand written "Hi Miss X, From Bob". The second card was a little cheaper, worth $4.99 and was a standard christmas card with a tree on it and the student had hand written "Hi Miss X, thank you for a lovely year. All the best in the new year. From Casey". The third card was obviously a lot cheaper (probably 20 cards for $4) and the student had written "Thanks Miss X for all that you have done for me this year. You have helped me out so much and I am very grateful. Have a fantastic new year, love Billy". Then there was the last card, it was just an A4 piece of paper folded in half. Probably didn't cost the child anything. The child had drawn the teacher's face on the front cover and written a poem to her inside. The teacher put all the cards on her mantle piece. BUT which card do you think she treasured the most?

I keep all the cards that people hand write to me. I am especially touched when friends and students take the effort to write a little bit more or draw some more. This year, my first christmas card was from my class thanking me for my lessons and promising that they would read their bibles on the holidays. Each of the students signed the card. I am incredibly touched. And this card will remain in my box of keepsakes for years to come.

God, the creator of everything may not need expensive gifts from us. Although, money does help fund ministry, he wants us to offer our heart to him. To thank him for his provisions throughout the year and to put effort in our gifts we give him.

The little drummer boy. The song is about a poor boy asked by the wise men to come worship together with them. They bought expensive gifts but he had nothing to offer but his song. With no other gifts, we offer our song to you!

Christmas song #11- This is awesome!

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