The year that was

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2011 has passed by ever so quickly. It's hard to summarize my experiences in a single entry. I've laughed and cried, loved and lost. I've finished my coursework for my masters. Got married to my Phd. Been to Sydney, HK, China, Thailand, Tasmania.

I've learned a lot. Grown spiritually.

When I look back at the year that has been, it's tough to pin point all the negatives. I know I have had my struggles. But the blessings seem to shine ever so brightly. And let us count our blessings. Firstly, my grandpa was blessed with the promise of eternal life before he passed away. I have been blessed with new friends this year. I have been blessed with a close english and chinese youth group. I have been blessed with opportunities to look after myself and others. I have been blessed with opportunities to spread the gospel. I have been blessed with opportunities to use my clinical skills in the community. I have been blessed by milestones- last clinical class, passing my confirmation milestone, celebrating a quarter century. I have been blessed with safety- surviving a car accident that totalled my car. I have been blessed with opportunities to travel because of my work and experiencing different micro cultures. I was blessed with opportunities for personal growth. God has also taught me a lot about romantic relationships, mood disorders, dementia and the role of clinical health psychology from textbooks, lectures, clinical practice and personal experience. I have been blessed to have friends that have stuck with me through thick and thin. And the smiles of strangers, green grass, an unchanging sun above the clouds. Endless things to list but limited time to recap.

God has been compassionate to me and has changed me this year. I am no longer addicted to k-t- or hk drama. I have broken free from the addiction to computer games. I have been able to slowly let go of things in my past. I am slowly learning to be more patient, loving and compassionate. I am slowly learning to look after myself. I learned to be submissive. Although not all of these changes were easy to make or comfortable to make but I look forward to changes that he makes in me each day.

Every person I meet, every experience that I have, I know is preparing me for a future only He can see. God knows what he is doing and I will relax knowing that he is in control.

Thank you for your support and love my family and friends, and thank you God for everything in 2011.

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