Falling into place

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We can only see so far, it's as if we weren't given all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle before we began to construct it. So it was impossible for us to see how the picture would turn out. We might wage a guess at what the picture would look like but we are often wrong, well I am often wrong at least.

I thought the ending would turn out differently with the limited information that I was given. Instead, we can pray that God gives us more pieces of the puzzle, so we can see more clearly what will take place in the future. I have been reading about the prophets of the bible who saw things that would happen within the day, within the year or even at the end of the times. They saw these things, not because they are brilliant, because they were close to God and God revealed for them a future only He could see.

Let us strengthen our relationship with God so that we can see his plans for us, plans in our health, in our relationships, in our studies, our careers, and our spiritual growth/service.

Christmas song #20

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