Rejected gifts

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Sometimes when you give gifts with the best intentions, the gifts may not be received with the best intentions. Does this discourage us from giving? Gift giving is one of my love languages. It's a way I show my love for my family and friends. It hurts though when you present someone with a nicely wrapped gift and they hand it straight back, thanks but no thanks.

No hard feelings. I guess it was a little sad that this particular gift was "true love". So how does God feel when we reject His gift? He came to show us what love is, he died for our sins on the cross and offered us eternal life. All we have to do is to accept this gift, no terms and conditions, no fine print. All we have to do is to accept this gift of grace: believe that we are sinners, know that he died for our sins and trust in him as our Lord and Saviour in exchange for external life.

It really is that simple.

Christmas song #17

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