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Breakfast tv had a huge debate about same sex marriages. Indeed, if you are not a christian, I cannot see why you would not support this. On the surface, support same sex marriage seems like support equal rights. It's only fair that they have the same rights as heterosexual couples right? Doesn't God love gay people too? Don't children of gay parents deserve love too? What about gay kids?

If gay marriage is so wrong why do some churches around the world support gay marriage? Aren't some churches just being old fashioned? Women have gotten rights, slaves have been freed, why not homosexual rights?

If some christians argue that marriage between men and women in the bible is old fashioned and should be outdated- then what next? Can we compromise on other big issues such as murder? sin? baptism?

THIS IS NOT A SIMPLE MATTER. We should investigate for ourselves what the bible says about this matter instead of relying on highly sensationalized media reports.


- Man + wife = Life. This was the natural order in which God created, and this union can produce life.
- Even Jesus (over 5000 years after creation) reaffirmed that from the beginning God created male and female.
- explicitly points out that sex/lust with the same sex is shameful and sinful.

Homosexuality is a CHOICE. Let us not confuse this with gender identity disorder in which people are born feeling they are not the gender they look like. People all have CHOICES as to who they want as a partner. You can make an educated choice to choose a same sexed partner if you so wish, but that is your CHOICE. We make choices all the time, and when we make bad choices, we need to consider the consequences.

God designed marriage to be between male and female. (Genesis 2:18-25)
And the intimate union between the two can produce offspring.

In the days of the bible, homosexuals were considered sinners, their behaviour- shameful and God wiped these people out on several occasions. Although not entirely central to the argument, homosexuality is related to an increased risk for sexually transmitted disease and other problems such as increased risk for suicide in homosexual males.

Children also learn a lot from observing. If we allow for homosexual marriage then it is teaching our children that this is ok, fair, just, right. They should make their own choices and be well informed by their parents about what is right in God's eyes. Don't take my point of view as the be all and end all. I encourage you all to make an educated decision as to whether you support gay marriage.

I can bravely say that I have friends who are homosexual. I love them. I believe they have a right to civil unions in which they publically commit themselves to each other and share in legal rights as to other people who choose to cohabit or marry. I believe that marriage is between a man and wife. It is a sacred union. I believe that this is the way God designed it to be.

But at the end of the day. God loves us. He loves us even when we make choices that hurt him. If we are willing to repent, he is willing to welcome you back into his loving arms. 

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