Movie Review: Source code (2011)

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Movie Review: Source Code (2011)

Movie Summary: A solider wakes up on a train and finds that he is someone else. 8 minutes later, an explosion occurs and he ceases to exist on the train. An army officer tells asks him questions about a bomb and a bomber. The solider is disoriented and doesn't know what is going on. Throughout the movie we learn that the solider had almost died in combat and his body is hooked onto life support. His brain is still active and he is part of an experiment, source code, that can tap into the last 8 minutes of a deceased memory. The particular memory/time lapse he has access to is of Shaun, a teacher on a train of over 200 people who died in a train bombing earlier that morning. The solider's mission is to venture into this parallel time and find out who the bomber is to prevent a series of imminent threats on Chicago. In every rerun the solider dies. But he knows he only has 8 minutes to exist and makes the most out of it.

My thoughts: If you like movies like Inception, you are in for a treat. This was a really well made movie. The actors are all very convincing and you become emotionally attached to them as the movie progresses and you find out about them.The idea of being able to have a do-over, over and over again but being unable to change the outcome is really frustrating. In this hedge-hog day like movie, I found myself trying to problem solve the situation, and like the main character, try to prevent the event from occurring. If you could go back in time to re-live 8 minutes in your life, which 8 minutes would it be? Why those 8 minutes? What changes in your life would you observe if you could redo those 8 minutes knowing what you know today?

Unfortunately, there is no take 2 in life. You only have one shot of every single second of your life. Would you hold back? Wouldn't you take each opportunity?

I don't know why I sometimes hold back. I see opportunities to spread the gospel but yet I hold back. I sit next to someone on a train, I have an hour to spread the gospel to them, yet I choose to play computer games, sleep or read a book. I see my work mates and talk to them about what they did on the weekend rather than something more important. If you knew you only had a few minutes left, I bet you would act differently.

We don't know when Jesus is coming back. Could be in a few minutes. Wouldn't you live differently if you truly believed that he would return?

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