A pure heart

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I was born curious. I remember asking some young men what they looked for in an ideal partner. Some were quite honest and told me of course looks are important- it's hard to look at someone who repulses you. Others touches much deeper qualities: they look for someone who is happy, who is fun, someone who they have chemistry with, someone who is joyful, someone who is pure.

Happiness fluctuates, it's something that changes. People become less fun when a crisis occurs, chemistry fades but someone wise looks for constant qualities. Qualities in their partner that does not change from day to day. Someone who radiates the joy God has put in their hearts, someone who's heart purely beats for God. The latter is what I desire.

Why this topic? I've been talking to a dear friend who is on a relatively young walk with God. Our relationship with Jesus is often paralleled to a loving relationship, we are his bride. Jesus doesn't care what you look like- looks fade. He doesn't care if you are depressed, etc. He loves us regardless. He looks for eternal qualities within us. He wants a heart that beats purely for him, he wants us to radiate joy- so that we can attract others to see his light.

史茵茵-純潔的心 A Pure Heart

A pure heart, that's what I long for
A heart that follows hard after Thee


A heart that hides Your Word
So that sin will not come in
A heart that's undivided
But one You rule and reign
A heart that beats compassion
That pleases You my Lord
A sweet aroma of worship 
That rises to Your throne

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