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Last year I sustained a pretty big injury requiring some pain medication, physiotherapy and other rehab. It was painful to stand, sit, sleep and walk. I had to give up running and tennis for several months. I was patient in my recovery. I diversified into swimming and have found great joy in cross-training. Thank you for the many prayers during this time of recovery. 

That's why today was monumental. Today I participated in the 10km run as part of the Gold Coast marathon. God has blessed my speedy recovery, and I can use my strength to glorify his name. 

Firstly, thank you to all those who supported this cause financially. Your donations will be used to help children and their communities through the name of Jesus. Together we raised over $300 this year! Thanks thanks!

So a large crowd of people descended on the broadwater at southport before the sun rose. And we were all preparing for the race as the sun rose. The rays of first light hit the water and reflected off the boats, it was a magical sight. As we lined up to do the race I felt a sense of unity. So many people had turned up to run. This was after a huge week of rain on the Gold Coast. I was able to share with those around me, the prayers that have been offered up. And all along the way, I found different causes to pray for. Some people were running for Cancer, and other diseases, others running for particular organisations and community groups. As always I was worried that I wouldn't have enough to pray for, but by the time I had finished, I don't think I have had time to thank God for all the glorious things he has done in my life and the lives around me. 

Started out well across the bridge, but after about 1km running, i thought I would die, kept going, about 3 km, I thought I was half way, about 5 km I thought I had to throw in the towel, but kept going. I skipped all drink stops, only stopped  to help someone who collapsed and managed to sprint across the finish line in 1 hour 7 minutes. So not a bad effort for someone who had sustained a significant injury. And the main point, I finished. God is victorious. He will continue to be victorious! Hopefully I can inspire my kids and those around me to challenge themselves to be tools for God!


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