Movie Review: Zookeeper (2011)

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Movie review: Zookeeper (2011)

Movie summary: Griffith plans an elaborate marriage proposal only to be turned down by his girlfriend because he is a zookeeper and doesn't want to improve his lifestyle. Flash forward 5 years, Griffith is still happily employed at the zoo and the animals love him. Griffin's brother is a high roller and he is about to get married, he holds a party at the zoo and Griffith's ex is there. He becomes incredibly nervous around her and the animals overhere hints that she is still into him. In a series of paranormal events, it's revealed that the animals can actually talk and they show their appreciation for the care Griffith has for them by helping him get the girl. He gets the girl, but at the expense of losing his identity. When he finally realises this, he makes a made rush to find the one who truly loved him for who he was.

My thoughts: I've been meaning to watch it for a while. It's a really good laugh and has good morals. If you don't expect excellent cinematography then you are fine. There are gross exaggerations and unnecessary jokes as critical in fitting with this genre of film.

Many times in relationships, we may try to applease someone else and become someone we are not. Or we may exaggerate the bits of us that we think the partner desires. The key to success of long term relationships is perhaps the balance of being true to yourself and making accommodations and changes to yourself in order to make it work. In the movie, Griffith loses his identity but he gains confidence. Isn't it a beautiful thing when someone can love you despite your faults? That's one of the criteria for my future partner- that he can see past my faults, but at the same time encourage me to be the best version of me that God intended me to be.

I sometimes stop and think. How amazing is it that God loved us while we were sinners, imperfect humans. And he chose to die for us on the cross just so that we can enjoy eternity with him. Everyone lives forever. But there are two destinations. One is heaven the other is hell. Which would you choose?

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