Perfect timing

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Why can't I date a non-christian? There are no single christian guys/girls at my church!

I have been talking to my dear single brothers and sisters in Christ. A concern for many is a future partner. While some speak confidently, others waiver. The core issue is that they know many many beautiful, smart, funny, kind, loving people who AREN'T christians. Isn't it possible to convert your partner later?

Ah, but I warn you brothers and sisters. It's easier to guard your heart from these temptations than to try to erase someone from your memory. Once you let someone into your heart, they are permanently there no matter what you do to try to get rid of the memories. They will fundamentally change who you are. I often talk about a sticky tape analogy: if you let someone into your heart, it's like they become a piece of sticky tape stuck on you, even when you remove the sticky tape, and the pain of ripping them away has past, the sticky tape will never be clear again, part of them, sticks on you. 

Proverbs 4:23

New International Version (NIV)
23 Above all else, guard your heart,
    for everything you do flows from it.

Of course there are examples of couples who do both eventually become christians, get married and live happily ever after. 

BUT the bible strong encourages over and over again for believers not to be yoked together/married/bond to people who do not worship the same God. Being together with a Christian doesn't necessary guarantee happily ever after either, but if you have faith in God, you will follow his will for your life. I spend time each week to pray for each of my single brothers and sisters in Christ. Praying that they will find their significant other who will compliment them in their ministry and their spiritual growth. I know some who are impatient to find their other half, but I remind them: if they are to be together til death, what's the hurry. 

Then there is the eternal pressure for me to find someone. I think my close family and friends understand what I am waiting for. And why I am waiting. But others find it difficult to understand. I am learning to love God more and more. So that I can learn to love my future partner, if he does exist. And if I can't have the right type of guy- a God fearing, loving, brave and courageous person, then I'd rather have none at all. 

I often look out in the sky and wonder if someone is praying for someone just like me :P

In the meanwhile, I'm finding much joy in singleness and enjoying the freedom it brings me. I can pack up and travel for a few months with fewer burdens and go out to do different types of ministry work freely. I am blessed with supportive friends and family who understand why I am waiting, but also praying for me all the time! Thanks thanks. 



彭:我的天父 可否讓我好好地談戀愛 [My heavenly father, can you teach me how to be in a loving relationship]
不再流淚 不再傷痛 不再聚合又要分開 [With no my tears, with no more hurt, and not split up and get back together again]
我的天父 我只想要安穩地找個人來愛  [My heavenly father, I just want to steadily find someone to love]
請讓我知道那個人在不在 [please let me know if that person exists]
王︰我的孩子 難道你忘記了我就是愛 [My child, have you forgotten that I am love]
學懂愛我 學懂愛你自己,你就懂好好戀愛  [Learn to love me, learn to love yourself, then you will know how to be in a relationship]
我的孩子 何不嘗試安靜地慢慢去等待 [My child, why not try to patiently and quietly wait]
你就會知道那個人在不在 [Then you will know whether that person exists]

王︰ 每時每刻都在我手裡 彭:願意相信  God: [Every moment is within my hands] Child: willing to believe
合:沒有事情是太早或是太遲 Together: [Nothing is too early or too late]
王︰願意相信 彭:愛我的主 我願意相信 萬事萬物都在你手裡 God:[Willing to believe] Child: [Loving Lord, I am willing to believe all things are in your hands]
王︰我教你順服 我的旨意  God: [I am teaching you to obey, my will]
彭:請教我順服 你的旨意 Child: [Teach me to obey, your will] 

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