You are still my dear: Sherman's testimony

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Sherman's testimony

Testimony summary:
Sherman shares how she went to a catholic school and prayed when she was young. She would pray when she wanted something, she didn't attend any services or fellowships. When she grew up she realised she was creative and artistic. She told God, this talent is something you have put inside of me. She entered a talent contest and from there entered the entertainment industry. She talks about the clashes of the entertainment industry and her reserved personality. 

She talks about how she found God. She says people turn to God when they are in despair. At times she asks where God is when she feels numb on stage- she felt angry at God. At that time, a pastor visited HK and called her. She told the pastor her frustrations and stress. She had thought that if she acted better, did certain things she could earn God's love. The pastor told her that it's not the case. God loved us even before we were born, he loves us in spite of our weaknesses and bad performances. 

Many people seek idols, etc to gain inner peace. 

Sherman was invited by the pastor to sing a love song she looked around but couldn't find an appropriate song. She asked God for a miracle to write a song within a few short days. The song writing process was joyful for Sherman. The song's title is you are still my dear. When she sang this song, people were so moved they were crying. She gives all honour and glory to God. God's love doesn't make sense, he loves her despite the things she has thought and things she has done. 

Although she knows God exists, she is a pessimist. It's easy to lose sight of the purpose you were made. She was worried that she would lose her way in the entertainment industry because there weren't many christians around. She saw how those around her started to believe God and change their lives. She couldn't believe that a christian cd would sell so well. Everyone has a responsibility to spread the gospel, taking every opportunity. Sherman herself felt that she was inapt to spread the word, but was willing to put herself out there to be used in furthering God's kingdom. 

My thoughts: Sometimes I have the same thoughts at Sherman, although I know it's not directly related to behaviour, I sometimes can't help be try to want to please God through reading the bible diligently, etc. I too am still learning and growing. I know that God loves me despite who I am. 
I also see the changes of those around us. If I don't keep moving forward, I will lag behind. There is nothing special about me, but God has allowed me to share his message to others. God has also chosen you to spread the gospel to those around you. 


人渴望爱 人生孤海 [Man yearns for love, we float on a solitary sea]
人害怕 软弱与障碍 [Man fears weakness and obstacles]
当相爱 也变得悲哀 [When love turns into despair] 
怀疑世界根本不信奉爱 [The world will not believe in love]

忘掉眼睛 忽而明亮  [Forgetting sight has suddenly brightened]
如像黑暗打开的窗 [Like a window has been opened in the darkness]
无杂染的声音 是深心中所想 [Without a depth of sound, is the inner thoughts of my heart]
是你感动我 感动我的回响 [You have really moved me, moved my response]

恒久不止息的爱 似现实存在 [This lasting and unceasing love, can actually exist]
时代季节更改 风吹也没离开 [Neither time nor season The wind will make him leave]
原来还有希望 我哭有你在看 [Realising that with hope, that you see my tears]
还想说着 You're Still My Dear [Saying that You're still my dear]

常会犯错 常不清楚 [I often make mistakes, often unclear]
常恨我 缺陷很多 [[Often hate me a lot more]
多得你爱我 爱小花一朵 [For you have loved me, a little flower bud]
如何错这一位也是我 [The defective me]

柔弱信心长到强大  [Weak faith has become strong]
如树粗壮不跟风摆 [Like a tree that is not moved by the fierce wind]
全部爱的秘密 现今不必在猜 [All loves' secrets, now I don't have to guess]
被你怎样爱怎样爱可明解 [Loved by you, so loved that I can't understand]

恒久不止息的爱 似现实存在 [This lasting and unceasing love, can actually exist]
时代季节更改 风吹也没离开 [Neither time nor season The wind will make him leave]
原来还有希望 我哭也健壮 [Realising that with hope, though I cry but am strong]
全因有你在旁 全因这不死的爱 [All because you are by my side, because of your undying love]
我现在存在 [Now I exist]
尝尽百劫千灾 都可笑逐颜开 [Despite numerous obstacles and disasters, can still smile radiantly] 
仍然还有些彷徨 知你在看[Although with some hesitation, I know you are watching]
扶起我吧 I‘m still your dear  [Picking me up, I'm still your dear]
遇到你人生转化 [Encountering you, my life has been converted]

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