My pledge

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Earlier this week I received a hand delivered wedding invitation. We felt so blessed to be considered so important that a family would trek across town to deliver an envelope. In fact this family supports this wedding so much that they have collectively put their heart and soul into the organisation process.

I have fond memories of the hospitality offered by this family as I was growing up. I remember playing, eating and more playing freely at their house, even when we moved away we would still have large dinners together occasionally.

Unfortunately, I will be overseas for a work trip during the wedding festivities. Wish I can go, for I know it will also be a massive reunion with all my friends growing up.

Marriage is a big step. It's when man and woman leave their families to start their own individual family unit. After the wedding festivities, the couple have to adjust to a new lifestyle where they are no longer just individuals, but a couple. 2 are now 1. Even if a couple have been together for a long time, there are still many things that change when you enter into this long term- life long contract. I was recently watching rooftop prince and the female character proposes to a guy she knows will not be in the world for much longer. And she says, do you think people get married expecting that they will be together for the next 700 years? People get married thinking that they will be together at least for this lifetime. In heaven there is no marriage anymore. We will be entirely different.

There is an eternal union though. One that lasts forever. It's our marriage/union with Jesus. We are the bride, he is the groom. In the words of the close scenes of rooftop prince, where have you been? I have been waiting for so long. Jesus will be waiting for us for us to say I do, I am willing to follow you all the days of my life and willing to follow you into the unknown for eternity. 

For the lovely couple, I send my sincere congrats and may God reach out into their hearts so that 2 can become 3 with Christ at the center of their relationship.

專輯:Merchant Band
 演唱:Marcus Meier 

1. 讓我們歸向主 因主說我屬與祂
[Let me belong to the lord, because he said I belong to him]
來愛慕祂因祂說 新婦妳已奪我心
[Come love because he told me, you are my bride]
我屬於妳 妳屬我 
[I belong to you, and you belong to me]

2. 祢呼喚我 我就興起
[You called me and I stood up]
 祢對我嫉妒的愛 撇棄所有因祢說
[You are the love I desire, gave it all up cos you said]
離開父家跟隨我 緊緊貼近倚靠我
[Leave you family and follow me, follow closely and rely on (me)]

C. 這是我禱告 是我的誓言
[This is my prayer my pledge to you]
獻上我全人 用盡我所有
 我要愛祢 我要愛祢
[I will love you, I will love you]
 盡我全心 全力和全意
[With all my heart, mind and strength]
 獻上我敬拜 向祢來呼喊
[Offering my praise, crying out to you]
我要愛祢 我要愛祢
[I will love you, I will love you]

 B. 耶穌我屬祢 從今到永遠
[Jesus I belong to you, from now til forever]
我別無所求 只願與祢同在
[I want nothing else, only to be with you]

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