courage to go on

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I met him several years ago when I first started postgraduate studies. I remember trying to find his office because I needed help. At that time, he had hurt his leg yet without hesitation he limped to my office to help me set up.

And recently I received this email. He has a disease which has made him incapable of work. He still tries his best to publish his books to support the family he will leave behind.

It's these stories of inspiration that shows how some people don't give up despite odds. Hope you are inspired on this wonderful Monday morning.

Never give up
Never give up 'cause you're always there
Never give up, anytime, anywhere
Never give up,
Remember God is always by your side.

Please support this brave fight!

Hi Everyone,
I have delayed saying goodbye to my friends for too long.
As some know, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease in XX 20XX. We have failed to push the symptoms into remission, so I was retired last week from work on the grounds of ill-health. The University has treated me well and fairly.
Okay, now with that nasty business explained, let me tell you about the good things. I have a new son. His name is XXX, and he is three months old. I now have XXX (9), XXX (6) and NXXX.
I have returned to writing, although I cannot sit up for more than an hour a day. Most of you will remember XXX. XXX encouraged me to market my novels on Amazon as eBooks, and I am pleased to report that people are reading and leaving positive comments about them.
I'm putting the links for the books at the end of this email. Please check them out.  There is no need to purchase them, as you can simply click on the books' cover images and they will open on your computer screen to read (the first three chapters). Or download a free sample for later. If anyone likes what they read, it would be a great help to me if they would leave a comment on the page.  Simply click on the 'Write a Customer Review' button, which is at the bottom of the review section on the same page. XXX advises me that the more reviews the books receive, the more prominently Amazon advertises the books. You don't need to purchase the book/s to leave a comment/review. It's also a great way to say hello to me, as my work email will be shut down any day.
As far as my plans for the future go, my only real goal is to get as well as I can while making the most of what I've got. I'm keeping it pretty simple.
Anyway, thank you to all the people who made me look forward to coming in to work. I'm sorry I'm not coming back.
And here are my books:
'PLAZA' - An Archaeological Thriller - 
'FAST' - A Military Thriller - 
Have a great day,

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