Experience of drowning to reaching out...

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When God created heavens and earth, it was all good. It certainly isn't that way now.

I am surrounded by broken promises. I'm surrounded by people who are out there to hurt people. I'm surrounded by companies that lie. It seems even the little country town I call home is no longer simple.

We can no longer trust people around us. We can no longer cross the pedestrian crossings expecting people will stop. We can no longer leave our purse somewhere hoping someone would hand it in. We can no longer trust that people are who they say they are. These past few weeks have been extremely hurtful as time and time again, people, company and things just let me down. I feel like I am drowning and I can't breathe.

But sometimes God leads us to these troubled waters, in these troubled times so that he can cleanse us and make us new. And it's in these murky waters that you may discover your calling. Even Jesus didn't come to save the righteous. He can to save sinners, of which I am one.

As I embark on a new journey across the globe, to a place where murders and gun fire don't even make news headlines. Lord, fill me with your love for all.

Help me to love the unlovable, reach the unreachable, and to do the impossible- forgiveness.

Send me 差遣我


Tell me oh Lord, how You want me to give Your life to the world where theres no hope. Tell me oh Lord, how You want me to give Your love to the world where love went cold. Do you see all the people sinking down? Dont you see people aching in the darkness alone? Send me Lord, send me Lord, I am willing to give all. Send me out to those who need Your hand. Fill me Lord, fill me Lord, fill me with Your Love for all. Reach Your hand to hold them once again.

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