Movie review: Happy feet 2

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Movie Review: Happy feet 2

Movie summary: Happy feet 1 was all about how someone, Mubble, who is different, rejected can be used to save a generation of dying penguins. Mubble dancing captured the attention of the world. 

In Happy feet 2, there are three main storylines that become intertwined.
- Mubble is the father of Erik who is afraid to dance. His father tries his best to encourage his son. The little penguin and his friends goes on a little adventure and finds another world of penguins. They worship this "penguin" who can fly. The motto, "If you want it, you can will it, and if you will it, it will be yours". The cult like nature of the "penguin" captures little Erik's imagination.
- A krill named Will realizes that their existence is to be eaten and tries to "evolve" by moving up the food chain. He and his friend Bill go out of the swam on an adventure that would change their lives. Instead of "evolving" the characters learn to adapt.
- Bryant is a large elephant seal who is stubborn and refuses to back up to let the little penguins through. His pride causes him to be trapped in ice and he is saved by Mubble (the little penguin).

The three stories become intertwined when a giant iceberg change causes the emperor penguins to be trapped without food, waiting to die. Only others from the outside can save them. Mubble and Erik try to enlist the help of humans, but a turn of weather causes the humans to leave. The other penguins comes and hunt for food for the trapped penguins. The cult "penguin" tries his best to teach the others to fly out, but they become aware that it's not possible, because this "penguin" wasn't a penguin at all. Finally, Bryant (and the other elephant seals), the krill and all the penguin friends all work together in dance to free the emperor penguins.

My thoughts: It's amazing. I liked happy feet 1, happy feet 2 was just as good. ok, so the concepts were no longer that new. The sound track and plot made me teary and wanting to dance many times throughout the movie. It's a really good movie for all ages.
I was so touched during the movie though. It's definitely not just made for kids.

There are so many elements of the movie that made me reflect. But for my upcoming trip to the States, I have found certain inspiration from the movie.

- Don't be afraid to ask for help, and be specific in the requests
- Faith and determination can get you a long way
- You can change your destiny. But perhaps it doesn't work in the way you expect.

Like the Krill, from the moment we were born, we were crawling closer to eternal death. But we have been offered the opportunity to CHANGE. To EVOLVE. We have been offered the opportunity for ETERNAL LIFE. Our destiny is in our hands. God has already reached out to us, he has already paid the ultimate price by dying on the cross for our sins. All we have to do is to accept this amazing gift and let him be the lord over our lives.

Like Bryant, sometimes we have to "back up" some times we have to go backwards in order to go forwards. After some careful reflection of our past, we can learn from our mistakes and make giant leaps forward not only to save our own lives, but the lives of others.

Like Erik, sometimes fitting in can be hard. Living up to the expectations of greatness can be daunting. But if we try our best, in our own capacity, our earthly and heavenly parents can't ask for more!

Knock back the pride, Can you learn from tiny little penguins too?

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