Movie Review: Killers (2010)

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Movie review: Killers (2010)

Movie summary: Girl breaks up with her boy and goes on a holiday with her parents. There she meets cutie Ashton Kutcher, an assassin-  unbeknownst to her. They quickly fall in love. He gets out of the job and tries to start a normal life with his girl. And soon get married.
After a while, his old boss contacts him. Next thing they know, their neighbours starts trying to kill him. And it dawns on her, she didn't know who she married.

My thoughts: It's not the most creative or exciting movie. But certainly not a bad clash of romance and action for a rainy afternoon dvd. My family and friends have joked about me possibly meeting someone overseas and get married on a whim. I hardly think that's appropriate. Broken trust, unlike in movies is hard to rebuild. Driven by emotions, you can get married and not truly know who you married but then the bonds are so strong by then that you really want to forgive that person...

I don't know why I keep doing it to myself. Putting myself in so much emotional pain because of the exact same mistake. But it's really to make. For example, it's like seeing an item on sale. You go to the shop to have a quick look. You like the looks of it, it functions well, and you can imagine how it's going to fit in your life. So you want to put down a small deposit and have a look around to see if you can find something better. But no, the sales person tells you that it's a limited time offer and if you don't pay for the entire thing now, it will be sold to someone else. You panic, you don't want to lose something that is so great.  So you fork out more money that you wanted to and you walk home happily, thinking that they will deliver the perfect product tomorrow, you remind yourself that it will be worth it. But you wait, and you wait.... and wait some more... and either it arrives and it's broken after a while or it never arrives at all. You don't always get what you pay for. You need to carefully examine all aspects of the product before committing yourself to the transaction.... well in love, the refund policy isn't the same as an item you can buy in a shop. 

I've been reading boy meets girl, which I will review later, but ... message short. Although it makes for a good movie, getting married/ making a long term commitment with someone you don't really know is a dangerous thing. You can get hurt in more ways than one. 

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