Review: Boy meets girl - Part II

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Review: Boy meets girl - Part II. The season of courtship

Summary: Josh challenges the concept of courtship. If the outcome is to discover whether God intended you to get married, then a successful courtship has not one (engagement) but TWO outcomes!! If two young people discover that it's not God's will, that is also a prayer answered, according to His will, not ours!

So in the process of courtship, do not assume you will be married with your partner. You are not yet lovers, but just more than friends. Sure you can build in friendship, fellowship and romance, but there are things that should not be done/ hearts that should be guarded during this process. You don't want to rip off your real future partner!

In this section, Josh goes through a number of traditional couples counselling areas.
1) Communication. Listen, speak clearly, clear motivation. BUT since you are more than friends and less than lovers, you must guard your hearts! Don't talk as if you will be married... you aren't sure...
2) Gender roles. If boys will be men, will girls be ladies?
3) the role of others in the relationship. Communities - your church - is important in your relationship. Gives you a reality check, provides protection, accountability. Sharing joy!
4) Expectation of sex before marriage. God made sex to be good!

My thoughts: After the first section, I realized how unprepared I was for a relationship. This section really gave a whole list of distinct things for me to think about.

How wrong I have been in the past. How much I have failed. Then I read this section. How relieved. If the purpose of our interactions are to discover with wisdom whether we were met to get married and our relationship dissolves. Than that is a success too!! A revelation for me. A new way of viewing courtships for sure!

And I know now to really guard the way I communicate. Never imply a deeply level of commitment and understanding.

I also realised that I need to rely more on the bible to guide my gender roles. And it's not weak to be a helper, but it's part of my design. And I've come to realise that it's what I am looking for more and more. A spiritual leader for my household, so I've been challenging the boys in my life to be servant leaders to their female counterparts and future wives.

I don't have a dad. So no male to protect... and I should start considering who I can trust to provide me with this level of protection.

Illegal sex before marriage is exciting, it's forbidden and it's also sinful. And it never occured to me that sex is a blessing from God. He could have made the actions of procreation boring, but instead, he made sex an enjoyable experience. But it's a blessing that should be used with wisdom. Wait... it's worth it.

Steady My Heart  Kari 
Key: G

Verse 1:
G                     Em                   D                
wish it could be easy why is life so messy whys playin' a part of us
G                          Em                      D
there are days i feel like nothing ever goes right sometimes it just hurts so

           Em          D           C           D
but You're here You're real i know i can trust You

             G                    D                 Em      
even when it hurts even when it's hard even when it all just falls apart
              G                         D               Em
i will run to You cause i know that You are lover of my soul healer of my
              G      D
You steady my he     art
              G       Em
You steady my he     art

Verse 2:
i'm not gonna worry i know that You got me right inside the palm of Your hand
each and every moment what's good and right gets broken
happen just the way You plan

You are here You're real i know i can trust You

          G       D          Em             C
and i will run to You I find refuge in Your arms
           G       D            Em             C
and i will sing to You cause of everything You are

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