Review: Boy meets girl - Part III

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Review: Boy meets girl - Part III: Before you say I do

Summary: The first section of the book gave an introduction to courtship. The second gave us some really practical things to consider (communication, sex, etc). Now the final section of the book gives us a run down of the things we should consider before getting married.

- Facing past sexual sins. What happens if we have been impure in the past? We may not have intercourse but what if we have done other stuff? Or thought about it? etc.
- Ten questions to ask before you get married
1) Is your relationship centered on God and his glory?
2) Are you growing in friendship, fellowship, communication and romance?
3) Are you clear on your roles as a biblical man and woman?
4) Are others supportive of the relationship?
5) Is sexual desire playing a too big (or small) part in your decision?
6) Do you have a track record of solving problems biblically?
7) Are you heading in the same direction in life?
8) Have you taken account any cultural differences you might have?
9) Do either of you have any complicated entanglements from past relationships/marriages?
10) Do you want to marry this person?

When is it my turn? Trust in God's love, God's wisdom and God's sovereignty

My thoughts: I think this is a really important section of the book.

We all come with a past. The pastor's wife, had sex before she reached 18. And she had to come clean about it to him before they considered marriage. And Josh doesn't change his relationship with her when he found out. Instead, he reminded her how God has already forgiven the unforgiveable us. Sometimes I forget that. Sometimes I forget that God has forgiven it ALL when he died on the cross.

After reading the entire book and starting to read Kissing Dating Goodbye, I've realized that dating should be a bridge between friendship and marriage. Is it a bridge I'm ready to cross? There are certainly many things to consider before crossing the bridge or even laying foot on the bridge.

Are you ready for courtship? Are your dating relationships purposeful? Do you already have the wisdom to decide whether the person before you is appropriate for marriage with you?  Are your actions consistent with the answers for the previous questions?

On a side note, I'm really happy to say that some of my reviews have been picked up by Christian bookshops and christian readers worldwide. Although they are just my thoughts, I hope it will help at least one person to either come to know Christ or become closer to Christ.

Even though my faith maybe as small as a mustard seed...

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