Do Christians believe in Ghosts?

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Do Christians believe in Ghosts? Spirits? Evil Spirits?Superstitions involving spirits?

This is a very hard series to translate/ describe because most of the descriptions refer to those from chinese upbringings and because Pastor Lim doesn't always follow a clear argument but (typical of HK-speak), he jumps around)

靈界揭秘 - 林以諾牧師

Part 1.
Some people report incidents of feeling influenced by ghosts. For example, some say that in the middle of the night, they feel like a ghost is sitting on top of them and they can't move. Others report experiences of being possessed, playing with divination, etc

So do Christians believe in spirits? ghosts?
Depends on the definition. And the definition and treatment of spirits differ by religion. For example,

Buddism: After people die, they become ghosts that can roam the earth. These ghosts return to their earthly homes after 7 days- hence the ceremony of leaving food out for dead ones. The spiritual people - they can speak to spirits/ghosts : because they have unfinished business. 

Taoism:  After people die, they become ghosts that can roam the earth. The spiritual people believe that they can use ghosts so they catch ghosts. Believe that Halloween, the gap between the dead and live open. So people avoid going down into the streets. 

Christianity: We don't believe that after people die, they become ghosts that roam the earth. There isn't much info on what happens to our spirit after we die in the bible. We believe that 1/3 of the angels fell and became evil spirits. We cast out spirits because they influence (for the bad) and destroys. They are up to no good. 

Part 2

If a fake "spirit" can possess a human, then it must be fake. For example, how can the spirit of Hello Kitty possess someone? Impossible, since Hello Kitty is fake! 

Other "Gods" possess bodies and you can cut yourself without feeling pain to show their power. BUT HOW can this God love you if they want you to suffer like this to prove his power? Impossible.

A high schooler was playing with a squidgy board. She got angry and the plate dropped, and she went home. She felt like someone was following her but no one was there. She then reported that as she sat on her bed and saw an indent on the bed (like someone was next to her). She screamed and told the spirit to revealed themselves. She then reported that she became friends with this spirit. She reported this spirit was good to her and accompanied her through illness. The spirit then later (after a while) told her to commit suicide. The pastor said she couldn't' help her. Only Jesus could. After she believed in Jesus, the spirit left her. 

Part 3
He then talks about what newspapers people can read. Anything without entertainment pages left. No one reads magazines without these inserts. But these pages provide highly sexualized images, etc. So the devil is at work here. The bible doesn't say we can't be angry. Because it's a natural emotion, but we should not sin in anger. We should not allow the devil win. He expands negativity. Works on negative self image. But the Holy Spirit expands on love, faith, etc. 

Negative self-esteem is so prevalent in today's society. We do what we do not want to do, and we do not do what we should. He talks about inequality in society. How poor people get put into prison for stealing yet rich business people rip people off everyday and they don't have to go into prison. How difficult it is for Christians to invite nonchristians to church- so easy to invite them to play, it's difficult to get people to believe in God - so easy to believe in silly things in society. Why do people have such a strong prejudice against God- when they easily believe what is written in the entertainment pages. 

Devil wants us to turn away from God. To be blinded to the truth. 

Another excuse about not believing in God is that Christians are a bad example. Well, if you dad was bad, does that make you bad? In fact, all of the Christians around you are bad, sinners, that's why they needed salvation. 

If you so easily believe in superstitions, why not explore what Jesus has to offer you?

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