Movie review: Jack and Jill (2011)

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Movie review: Jack and Jill (2011)

Movie summary: Jack and Jill are twins. Now in their 40s, Jack works in advertising and has a beautiful wife, home and kids. His twin Jill is less bright, loud and comes across as annoying (that voice!) and lived with their mother until she passed away. Jill visits the family and over stays her welcome. Her brother constantly voices his annoyance and how embarrassed he is of her and all she does is cry about it. Then they discover that all she needs is someone to give her love to. In jumps Godfather al and mexican. Through this journey, Jack learns that although our family can be annoying and embarrassing sometimes, they are family and are to be loved and treasured.

My thoughts: When you watch this movie, you have to expect the roughness of an Adam Sandler film. As long as you realise you are not judging this film as an arts house film then you will find this film touching and full of lessons to be learned. Adam sandler plays both roles in the movie and although he doesn't live up to the greats who have done this in film previously, I don't think he was trying to. Like most of Adam's films the moral of the story is very very obvious.

Family, no matter who they are, what they do to us, they are gifts from God. Friends you get to choose, but family you don't. Friends you can replace, but family, we are bound by blood. Let us take more time to treasure our loved ones.

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