Movie review: Men in black 3

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Men in Black 3. MiB3

Movie Summary: Agent J and Agent K have been partners in MIB for 14 years. One of the criminals Agent K had arrested 40 years ago escapes, threatens earth's security and goes back in time to kill Agent K. Agent J (Will smith) wakes up to find that he lives in a world where Agent K is not his partner and has actually died 40 years ago. So he ventures back in time to try to change things. They find an alien, griffin, who has the ability to see the future- not just one future, but different futures that change depending on what happens next. This alien predicts that with death comes death. Obviously the pair save the day with high tech gadgets and wits. On this journey, he finds out what makes Agent K the way he is- because he has met Agent J before and that he is partly responsible for his father's death.

My thoughts: MiB fans may be a little disappointed since there is nothing terribly new about this film. What is great though is that it stuck true to the MiB film in going back to the past. It provides fantastic entertainment for action/comedy fans. Although Aliens don't point to any christian significance but I really like the alien main character in this story. He can see multiple futures, with different depenencies. To some degree our future is fixed. We were predestined to believe in God. We were predestined to be his children, but there were definitely choices along the way that put us where we are now. If you think you future is fixed, you are wrong. Your future depends on the choices you make today.

If you choose not to know God. If you choose not to believe in him, then you future would be different compared to if you choose to know God and choose to believe that he died for your sins on the cross and rose again. That difference is AMAZING.

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