Movie review: Captain america (2011)

19:37:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

After watching the Avengers (2012), I went back to watch captain america (2011)

Movie summary: Rodgers is a skinny little man with man health difficulties that tries his best to be enlisted in the war against the Nazis. He fails 5 times but is determined to serve his country. He gets noticed by a scientist and selected to be part of an experiment to breed a new type of super solider using a serum. And out pops hottie :P  Unfortunately the scientist who created the serum gets killed. And no further soldiers can be created. He gets assigned to be the face of the american war to help raise money and raise moral. Tired of being just a dancing monkey, Rodgers takes on his own mission to rescue his friend and other prisoners of war. In this mission, he uncovered the villain's plans to dominate the world and destroys he factory. He along with the other rescued soliders then form a special team to try to capture the villain. On one of these missions, his best friend is killed and he is to avenge his death. When confronting the villain, he gets really angry and asks why he was given the special abilities- and the reply was simple, nothing special, just a guy from Brooklyn. It's really cool that the film draws parallels with the other marvel action heros. He is equipped to fight by Stark- a genius engineer of his time.

My thoughts:
Why me? We are no different to anyone else on earth. Why did God choose me to serve him? Why did God put me in this particular situation at this particular time? Even though we are weak, and have many problems/issues. We were personally selected to win this war. This war is not against nations, but against Evil itself. Equip yourselves, and let's fight!

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