Movie review: Hunger games 2012

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Happy Hunger Games and May the Odds forever be in your favour. 

The Hunger games (2012) Summary: The story goes something like this. A a really weird and twisted world, there were 13 districts which served the Capitol. The 13th district rebelled against the capitol and was wiped out. To remember this, each year there is a Hunger Games- a survivor styled contest where each district sends 2 tributes (children selected at random) to compete for survival. The children kill each other and the sole winner is allowed to live and will be rewarded. Our heroine is from the 12th district. Her sister was chosen as a tribute but she goes in her place. Also from her district is a guy who claims to have loved her since the moment they first saw each other. This Hunger Games is a reality tv show that is watched by all but much to the delight and political power of the people living in the capitol. When the games begin, the children start killing themselves off.  There are only a few people left and while our heroine hides, the others have formed an alliance. But still, members keep dying off. Our heroine has captured the hearts of the people as she mourns the death of an young companion in battle. And she does this in full view of the public who salute her actions. The organisers of the games, fearing a public rebellion change the rules and allow two victors so our heroine and her love work together to survive. The organisers start to send other creatures to try to kill off the remaining contestants. Until the very end, our heroine and her lover try to commit suicide in front of the camera, there are both announced as winners and the movie concludes with their journey home.  The pair bring hope to those who support the rebellion. They were able to influence the way the games were played.

My thoughts: This is the first time I've seen a movie before reading the book. I just wanted to see what the hype was about and didn't have time to read. Fantastic cast, script and props. Everything was very realistic and surreal at the same time. And truly, after watching the movie, I wanted to know more. But I digress, I do not recommend this book or movie to very young people. There is a lot of graphic killing in this depiction. And I think deep within the book are many political messages. It leaves viewers wondering is killing necessary? Is it necessary to kill others to survive? And it reeks of rebellion against rules. On the positive side, young people are being taught to think for themselves, but truly, this film requires parental guidance.

Young people in the games are forced to believe that the only way to survive is to kill others off. That's the rules of the game. You see the pain and fear in each child's eyes as they realise that they are facing death and a slight chance of survival.  Because we are descendants of Adam, we too were faced with certain doom. From the moment we were born, we were heading towards this doom. No matter what we offer as a sacrifice, what good deeds we do, we would still die. We couldn't escape our fate. But the rules changed. Jesus came here to set us free from our sins, sins of origin, and we are made clean and right with God. Under this new rule, as long as we believe Jesus died for our sins and allow him to be lord over our life we are saved from this doom.

Can we too start a rebellion? The rules have already changed, can we follow our new leader Jesus Christ into a future full of hope?  

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