Movie review: AVENGERS!

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Avengers 2012 summary: An imminent threat on the human race calls for the collection of superheros to save us. The villain is from a distant galaxy who claims to want to save humans by removing the ultimate lie- freedom and claiming that all humans were born for subordination. At first our heros (Iron man, captain america, thor, incredible hulk, black widow) do not work well together. But after one of the operatives dies, they begin to work together to avenge his death and to save mankind.

My thoughts: So it turned out to be a little different to what I imagined. You can only truly appreciate the wittiness of the film if you have seen other Marvel movies/comics. I saw the trailers and was interested but I went to see Avengers after briefly reading the review on Kelly's site
The movie made me laugh, cry and cheer. Each superhero has their own unique gifts and each was important in the mission. Of course my favourite remains to be Iron man who was a normal human being but by his own personality, wealth and intelligence became a superhero. We also saw how the incredible hulk was able to control the green monster that lay within him to help save the human race.

So many parallels of this movie to real life.

There is only one God. True
We were made to be subordinates. True
We were made to obey. True
We were made to follow orders... kind of. God gave us a choice. We always have choices about how we behave.
We can overcome any monsters that live within us. True- with God's help

The villain in the movie chose to try to gain power by his own way. When God made the universe, he create humans to rule under his will. So we have dominion over animals and the world. But soon, we rebelled against God's rule and wanted to do things our way. This rebellion/sin causes us to be separated from God. Jesus died on the cross to put us right before God. We now have two choices 1) to continue to live life our own way and rule our own lives. Being burdened by our own sins 2) surrender control of our lives to God and his rule. And live in his freedom from sin.

If you chose 1- that's fine, but the punishment is eternal death. No matter how many good deeds you do you cannot be made right with God by your own power.

If you chose 2- then you can enjoy in eternal life. Are you ready to make the choice to real freedom?

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