Love without a foundation

17:17:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

It seemed like a great idea at the time. I had a great recipe to make new york styled baked cheesecakes for a church function. So after the Nth batch, I decided that I can go without a base for the cake. After all, some people don't like the base anyway and it's time consuming and calorie heavy. And out popped the worse tasting cheesecakes I have EVER made, not to mention ugly. 

Bases/Foundations are very important. In a building, you need to set a really strong foundation for a the structure to remain steady. In baking a cake, you need to set a strong foundation for the cake to rise from. The base is not just for looks, it holds things together. 
Similarly, a relationship without God, Jesus is weak. It's not optional. It's a necessity. It doesn't matter how much you fancy this other person. If your love isn't built on a foundation that is strong, it's going to fall apart when times get tough. 

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