Stuck in the lab

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Before I started my PhD I often heard of stories about how hard PhD students have to work. And for the last two years, it's been pretty cruisy. I had been waiting for approvals, waiting for software, programming. I had been doing literature reviews. But now it's game on.

I feel like I real scientist. I spend hours in my "lab" and put things in and wait for an output. Experiment fails and I have to do it again. Make a little mistake and I have to run the whole thing again. One set of analyses takes several hours- even on my speedy ramped up desktop. But so many so many failed attempts. Hours and hours on end refining lines of syntax. Looking for missed commas and fullstops, misspelt words and trying different types of analyses.

It's a very slow and arduous process. I wanted to give up. Imagine spending 15 hours straight on a set of analyses, then it goes wrong. You think you fix it then spend hours again.... and it still doesn't work. You try again and again. Nothing seems to work.

In these troubled times, I spend time with the Lord. While I wait, I meditate on his many blessings and listen to songs of praise. And He reminds me- NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.


Please support my efforts in the Gold Coast Marathon 10km run. This year I will be running for Compassion. 

Kari Jobe - Healer LIVE

Guitar tabs

Vrs (Soft first time, heavier the second)
You hold every moment
B          C#            F#
You calm my raging seas
F#           C#               Eb
You walk with me through fire
B             Eb               C#
And heal all my disease

Pre Chorus (Soft)
Eb     C#   B
I trust in You
Eb    C#
I trust in You

Chorus (Soft first time, heavier the second)
I believe You're my healer
Eb                              B           C#
I believe You are all I need
I believe You're my portion
Eb                                         B
I believe You're more than enough for me
C#                             F#
Jesus, You're all I need

Bridge (Normal)
Eb      C#             F#    B
Nothing is impossible for You
Eb      C#             F#    B
Nothing is impossible for You
Eb      C#             F#    B
Nothing is impossible for You
Eb      C#             F#    B
Nothing is impossible for You

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