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#30before30 #8 done. Attend a life Christian concert.

Summary: Jeremy Camp opened his home to the internet community in a 90 minute concert on May 9 8pm (American time).
He played some of my favourite songs including: Overcome, There will be a day. Jeremy kicked off with Understand: You are there when I fall, when I call, you understand it all.
Right here: Isaiah 43 fear not for I have redeemed you. He talked about his tough experiences that he was going through when he wrote this song. It doesn't matter what challenges are before us, where we go because God not far away, he is here, right here.
This man: took 10 years to write. Jesus paid the price.
There will be a day: about a day when Jesus comes again and it will all be ok. I want to be known as a man that lived just for Christ.
Take you back: ah, he high fived his wife, love it! But God takes us back despite the things we do.
Soon and very soon: by Jeremy's wife. His wife talks about how she dedicated her life to the lord at 21 and Jeremy talks about going to youth camp at 16. he saw kids who were completely into the lord, they had the intimate relationship with God. Be brave for God. When you are in a dark place and you stick you head up, more lights will follow.
Let it fade. Are we truly giving everything to Christ? What if God came back tomorrow? If we live in the anticipation when we don't know when the Lord is coming... we need to be ready. It purifies the church. The band went to the Philippines and 2000 people committed their lives to Christ. He also talked about his wife's cancer experience. She was smiling and she realised that after she dies she would be with Jesus and if she could bring one other person to Christ, then it would be worth it. He talks about how his daughter is crying ... through listening to the song and sharing, Give me Jesus.
I still believe: in your faithfulness, your truth
The way: Shine, bright, let you glory fill this land, lift high, the king of kings and great i am. You are the way
Overcome: By the blood of the lamb. Understand the power of the blood and the word of our testimony.
And then he leads us in a series of prayers

My thoughts: This was a well advertised event throughout the christian community- e.g. klove, twitter. It was frustrating at first because I could not access the concert on google chrome, once I loaded up another browser it was smooth sailing. Overall, the sound quality and video quality was pretty good. The show was managed well live with few hiccups (problems with initial sound quality, the beginning speech by the global team dragged on for a bit). Excellent job by the productive team who made it look very professional. It was a fresh experience and I'm looking forward to a series of other concerts by global sounds :)
What I loved about concerts rather than listening to cds is that there is testimonies, sharings, and you can see live responses from other people. Thank you for opening up your home to the world. Indeed, God calls us to follow completely. Go completely. Do completely.

I pledged $5 to support, but you can do your part too:

Thanks Jeremy!

This is not from the live concert but it was the last song in the concert
Guitar tabs

Overcome Jeremy   Camp
Key =  G     Tempo 49 
Intro  (6/8)
C  D/C   | C / |Em7 / | Dsus4   D   G   /  |  /  :||

Verse 1
G         C2
Seated above, enthroned in the Father's love
Em7              Dsus4 G
Destined to die, poured out for all mankind

Verse 2
G            C2
God's only Son, perfect and spotless one
Em7   Dsus4 D G
He never sinned but suffered as if He did

                 C   D/C    D
All  au- thor –i –   ty
Em7   Dsus4  G  D
Every victo – ry  is  Yours X2
Savior on High

G             Em
Savior, worthy of honor and glory
   D      C
Worthy of all our praise, 
You over- came

G         Em7
Jesus, awesome in power forever
                        D      C
Awesome and great is  Your name, 
You overcame

G   /  | C   D/C | C  / |Em7 / | Dsus4  D  G  /  |  /  

Verse 3
G             C2
Power in hand speaking the Father's plan
Em7                Dsus4     D            G
You're sending us out, light in this broken land

Pre-Chorus 2
                C      D/C    D
All  au- thor  –i –    ty
         Em7   Dsus4  G  D
Every victo – ry is  Yours  


 C          G
We will o - vercome 
By the blood of the Lamb
       D       C
And the word of our tes - timony, 
      G      Dsus4
Ev’-  ryone over - come 
(repeat X4)


You over- came, You over- came
          G/D     Am/D
You over- came
You over- came

         Gsus4   G
You over- came
You over- came
 Em7  Dsus4
    Je – sus
 C2        Gsus4
    You over- came

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