When things just work

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There is a sense of peace when things just fall into place and work out. There maybe a few bumps in the way, but when the outcome is so sweet, it makes everything worthwhile. 

My friends often laugh about the fact that I lack common sense. There are things normal people think about that just escape my mind. My mind is filled with books and how to comfort people. So when it comes down to the basics of bringing an umbrella with me on a cloudy day, wearing an extra coat when it gets cold or opening the windows when it feels stuff, well, they just haven't been considered. So I often get myself into mini-crises when I finally realised that I should have planned in advance for these things. 

Although I thought I heard God direct me in a certain path, I think I rushed into the path without doing the necessary planning before the journey. There were things I knew were going to be issues, but I simply didn't take enough time to think them through. Just like when I start cooking, sometimes, I don't go through the whole recipe in detail before I start cooking and I end up having to rescue myself afterwards. So, having someone telling me to slow down and think things through is often helpful, otherwise I will just go in an make a mess of things. 

Will the hard work be worthwhile when the ending promises such sweetness?

Things can't be rushed, there are steps to follow. You add the flour, make sure that you take out the impurities. If you don't stop to remove the impurities, you will certainly have problems later on. But no matter how many times you put it through the sieve, you might still get a few lumps here and there. 

You might want to make your cake more interesting by adding some flavourings or spices. In this instance, cocoa provided a rich aroma that filled the air as i shifted it through the flour. The sweetness was already stimulating my taste buds... 

Didn't show you my secret ingredient that I substituted into my cake instead of buttermilk, but then you mix in some naughty naughty butter. 

Then add in a few eggs. Now, I did read the recipe wrong and put in too much vanilla, but that has it's own benefits.  

And I added my own spin on the traditional chocolate cake by adding some berry surprises inside along with manuka honey and almond topping :). Hoping that it taste better than it looks. 

[Here's a link to a fun cake ... http://www.abetterhope.com/funpage.html

We are all creating something. Do we change recipes or make adjustments to our plan when we know the outcome might provide us with greater rewards of sweetness at the end? Or is there going to be much toil, effort and heartache with little benefit? How can we make these decisions? 

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

From an earlier blog. 
After reading a devotional this morning on ovens, I decided to use my lunch break to bake an experimental carrot cake. First, all the dry ingredients went in, then the egg, oil and my arms did the mixing. Baking is an art. If you follow recipes to the T, you might not get the satisfaction of owning the work that you have created. Today, I added some of my favourite ingredients of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla. After 40 minutes in the oven, I felt like I had baked/cooked something. And of course, it was a fantastic treat after some lamb chops with roast vegies for lunch. 

But all I really did was to combine some ingredients. The oven did the cooking. No matter how hard I mixed the ingredients together I couldn't make a cake rise. No matter how much effort I used to mix ingredients, I couldn't make it take form. Similarly, today's bible devotion reminded me that we are simply helping out in God's efforts. We can't make people believe. We simple spread the seeds, others water the seeds but God makes the seeds grow. A special brother in Christ reminded me lately that we have the honor of participating in worship and service of God. It's not the outcome, but the process. And it's an honour indeed. Like I have added a few ingredients to a tried and tested recipe, God calls us to add our own flavour in our worship and service. 

Once we had the ingredients all mixed up and ready to go, the oven will do the rest. When we have layed out our best to our Master, he will take care of the rest. 

So until next time, even if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains :)

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