You can count on me

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I was talking to one of my newly acquired best friends today. The impression I got was that they were in a really low mood but didn't want to share with me the low mood, instead the wanted to withdrawal while they are down. They didn't want people to see them that low or miserable.                                                      According to the DSM, social withdrawal is a common symptom of depression. And we know that withdrawal is a natural human reaction to emotional pain. We think no one understands, you don't want to spread the miserable pain around. But the more we withdrawal, the fewer opportunities for rewards we get. 
As John Donne pens in his poem, No man in an island. Indeed, God didn't call us to be socially isolated. 1) he made Eve for Adam 2) even Jesus called us to go out in pairs to spread the gospel. So we are also here to support one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. 

I don't just want to share my friend's pleasant experiences. I want to share in all their experiences, whether positive or not so positive. It's an absolute privilege to be able to share in someone's pain. You feel so connected to them, trustworthy, but sometimes it does leave you feeling helpless if you can't do anything to help them.  

Here's a Sunday school song....
I've found somebody I can count on every single time
I've found somebody I can trust in when I find that I'm...
In a jam, out to sea, down and out up a tree
I've found somebody to believe in who believes in me
And when I'm not the best that I can be
I've found somebody who can always see the best in me
Who picks me up and straightens me out and tells me not to give in
It's Jesus, and he'll always be your friend.

Here's a more recognized Bruno Mars favorite... 

You can count on me, my friends!

So until next time, even if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains :)

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