alive, living and well?

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"Like it? LOVE IT"- Math teacher, senior school

"How now brown cow?"- Drama teacher

"Chi wa hou sut"- Friend

"No lar" your truly being mocked by my sunday school class several years ago

"alive, living, and well?" a line in one of the first plays i co-wrote with a friend

"Take the road less travelled"- Headmaster

I am not a parrot but I like to adopt the phrases of others. And when I use these phrases, I still think of the people who said them. These phrases define them and the phrases never get old... in an instant, their faces flashes in my mind.

The word of God also does not wither ... let's revisit the bible today!

Andy Cherry - Our God's AliveFrom the album Our God's Alive
Come on everyone
See what He has done
He has lifted arms
He has overcome
The power of the grave
And the sin that once enslaved
Couldn't hold Him in the ground
Couldn't keep Him down

Rise with a shout
Cry out, "Our God's alive"
Rise Holy fire, burn bright, burn bright
Rise with the shout
Cry out for freedom
Rise, Church, oh, rise
Our God alive

Remain on His throne
Drawing ever close
Giving us this hope
He'll never let us go
Death has been defeated
Jesus Christ redeemer
Conquered Hell and freed us
Forever we are saved


He alone can save us
He will not forsake us
He remains forever our Savior
See Him reign in power
Stronger than our failures
Always and forever
Our Savior

Chorus (X2)

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