Why I run

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When I was young, I was never really "into" sports. The only sports I enjoyed was gymnastics, tennis and I was good at neither of these. I remember this embarrassing incident when I was competing in the 800m sprints. Fail. I died after the first lap of the oval. But I kept going because my friend was beside me encouraging me along the way.

I don't remember how/why I picked up running, but it's something I really really really enjoy. The Boston marathon blog had thing entry about why running. Different people run for different reasons. And sometimes I have one reason, sometimes another reason.

In my first 5km road race, I met the premier of my state and the health minister. I also met a couple of girls who wanted to come to church.

I remember running in the rain with my best friend at college. it's an exhilarating experience. You simply don't understand unless you are in the situation.

In my first 10km competition I spent the whole race praying. Once you get started, you realize just how many things you are thankful for, how many people you want to pray for and how many causes there are.

Whenever I travel, I wake up extra early to run. I love to explore the parts of the city other people normally don't see. It's somewhat scary but magical at the same time. Even if I'm drenched in sweat, I feel alive.

My PB is now half that of my original PB. In the upcoming Gold Coast marathon, I will once again be running for COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL. I ask that you support this cause.

I plan to run/walk a half marathon later this year, God willing. I'm not too concerned about my time, I'm more concerned about not being able to finish.

In the same way, I am prone to "3 minute hotness" I get over things really quickly, but I am a master of coming up with ideas. I fear not finishing things. All the ministry work I am involved with right now, what if I can't finish or let people down? What if I end up being someone's stumbling block rather than helping them get closer to God?

No, I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize.1 Corinthians 9:27

This road isn't going to be easy. Walking this path means making sacrifices. Faith. Prayer. Support. 

Source: boston.com via Karen on Pinterest

《為神上路》  "Going for God" 

[With faith and love to embark with each step]
[Understand the inherent difficulties of the road]
抬十架就如高聲宣告 毋負你的徽號
[Carrying the cross is like loudly announcing your emblem]

[There are winds and fog ahead of us] 

[And would want to hear your gentle whisper]
人遇挫敗時方可知道 孤單裡淚滿途 

[When we met with defeat we will realize how lonely it is to walk alone] 

懇請你大能再造 讓我抵受這煎熬
[I implore your might to remake me and allow me to withstand this suffering] 
流落困惑裡只有徒勞 太悲傷也會跌倒
[To be in despair we realize we will fall if we are too hurt] 
其實我也怕我 有天會蕩失半途
[In fact, I'm afraid I will get lost halfway]
要是抬頭望你 必會看守腳步
[I have to look up towards you so you would guard my footsteps]
我為神上路 重要的旅途
[To go for God is an important journey] 
若信心不退卻 終點終會達到 
[If my faith is sufficient then I will eventually reach the destination]

若我心堅決進步 始終會做到
[If I am determined to progress, then I will eventually be able to do it]

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