finding the ONE

20:41:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

Fear. Anticipation. Necessity. Avoidance.

These are all words used to describe a trip to the dentist.

After some pretty traumatic experiences with dentists, I've finally found the one. She is WONDERFUL. Why? She makes me feel at ease, she explains what is going to happen next and she is gentle. She reminds me of good health habits and encourages me to engage in them without sounding demanding.

There is no aspect in your life that is too small for God to care about. Even if it's the dentist, finding a car parking spot... or praying for potential spiritual conversational openers with strangers on a train. Sure, we can pray about big things- pray about natural disasters, wars, famines. But our God cares for the little things too. He wants us to bring small things to him in prayer as well.

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