Losing weight

20:35:00 Karen Li 0 Comments

One of my dear friends is trying to loose weight. She is so beautiful inside and outside. I can't imagine why should would have to be so determined to loose weight. She is healthy.

But haven't all females thought about their self image at one point or another? Is it because we aren't confident? Is it because we believe in the "cultural norms" based on tv and magazines?

I think keeping yourself healthy is important. So being unnecessarily overweight is not healthy nor is being ridiculously thin. Why is being healthy important? If we are healthy, we have the ability to serve God. If we aren't healthy, we become a burden rather than a blessing to those around us.

So as a health decision, I have to make some commitments. Shall I cut down on sweets? Shall I do more exercise? Self-control is part of the fruits of the holy spirit and this seems a good a time as any to exercise this "spiritual muscle".

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