Just happy to walk by your side

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One of the most romantic things I see- aged couples holding hands and walking side by side. It's almost to remind the world that things can work out.
Ladies and Gentlemen, brothers and sisters, my dear friends... I got awarded a fellowship. Praise be to God who has given me this opportunity!
I will be spending 3 months in the states this year! This is time of hectic organisation. Yet, strangely, instead of feeling overwhelmed, stressed I feel strangely at ease. I can't see everything falling into place just yet, but I feel like I am walking side by side with my lord. He will provide my needs in terms of visas, airfares, accommodation, finding an appropriate church, safety. 
And I heard a testimony yesterday. It was about prayer. When we pray, we must believe that the Lord will listen to our prayers and act accordingly. So with that, I will act as if God has already provided for me and worry not. 

Even if I can't see the end of the path, I will walk side by side with my lord leading the way. 

腳步 Footsteps

Your footsteps lead my footsteps一步一步 都有祝福 

Each and every step there are blessings

I want to follow closely to your every footstep

To walk in the path of blessings


Please give me more courage

Give me more confidence

Let me bravely follow you footsteps

To follow your feet onto the water

To follow your feet into the dessert wilderness
I don't care about the twists and turns


As long as I put more trust in you

As long as I become more obedient 

As long as it's from you, I will be silent
就算經過黑暗谷 就算遇到暴風雨 

Even if it's through the darkest valleys, even if we encounter storms 
It will become a blessing in your hands

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