Rejoice rejoice

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It's easy to praise God when things are good. It's harder to remain joyful when things don't work out. But if we take inventory of his blessings then we can look back at these things and remind ourselves how far the Lord has bought us. 

I have been reading genesis and exodus lately. the people needed constant reminder of the great things the Lord has done. otherwise they would start grumbling. I don't want to be like that. I want to be joyful always. 

So let me be thankful for a few things
- overseas flights booked at an amazing price
- domestic accommodation booked at a fantastic price
- HN study intro nearly done
- love of family members
- an amazing form in running today


Always rejoice, sing praise to Him. No matter what the situation. 
Mountains or valleys, He’s in control. With trust we will receive blessings
Praying all the time, wait for His timing, Trust Him and you will see
Soon all the sorrow will turn to joy. His joy you will receive.
Oh lift up your hands to Him in praise.Open up your heart to Him again.
Cast away the worries, cast away the burdens.Come before the Lord with a heart full of faith.
Let Him trade your sadness for His gladness.Let Him fill your thirsty soul with joy.
He will be your Tower, He will be your strength.

 Even in the valley He’ll stay by your side. He’ll stay by your side.

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