No one loves me like you do

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Someone asked me why I'm not married. My answer: because I don't have a partner. And I think I really threw them off. They did not believe me.

So the person that asked me the question today stumbled on one of the biggest problems. I have high expectations. I don't need my partner to be a lawyer, doctor or accountant. I don't need them to be a millionaire or drive a nice car. I just need them to love God, love me and love people. But that's a tough ask, how can anyone love me like God loves me. Impossible. How can anyone make me feel secure like God makes me feel secure? Impossible. How can I trust anyone as much as I trust God? Impossible.

And this path I'm on, I'm not sure where it's heading, I'm not sure when, if ever, I will meet my future ministry partner, but where God leads me, I will follow. In him, I lack no good thing.


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詞曲:趙治德 / 演唱:郭曉雯 / 專輯:為著你的榮耀

沒有人像你一樣愛我 沒有人像你一樣愛我

[No one loves me like you do, no one loves me like you do]
沒有人像你一樣愛我 喔你愛我

[No one loves me like you do, ah you love me]

沒有人像你一樣愛我 我只需要張開我雙手

[No one loves me like you do, I only need to reach out my hands]
你的憐憫恩典 你的慈愛寬容 環繞我

[And your mercy and grace, your kindness and love surrounds me]

不能沒有 不能沒有你

[I cannot be without, I cannot be without you]
我可以失去一切 但不能沒有你

[I can lose everything, but I cannot be without you]
在你裡面 活在你裡面 我一無所缺

[In you, living in you, I will not be in want]


[Jesus is my closest buddy]
他渴望能與我(面對面) 能與我(面對面)
[He wants to be with me (face to face) to be with me (face to face)

你何等愛我 在我心上你刻下了愛的記號

[You love me so, you marked my heart with a symbol of your love]
你所給我的 是能觸摸的愛 能觸摸的同在 

[What you have gave me, is a touching love, so I can feel your presence]

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