MOVIE REVIEW: 翻生奇兵 A dream team

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Have you seen Night at the museum before? Well, A dream team is a HK based Christian movie based loosely around the same theme. SPOILER ALERT

Story outline

The main character Keng believed that he had a curse- he would not survive past 30. And it talks about how he has had a fairly unlucky life and he believed that his father had kicked him out of the house because he was a bad luck charm to him. 
One day, Keng sees an ad for a job at Noah's ark (a theme park in HK). On the day that he starts working, the accountant announces that the theme park will have to close down because of it's lack of profitability. Keng was then put in charge of the park for the next couple of days. 
That night, Keng meets "God". Keng and "God" then look through images of his life, but the Keng discovers that his life images do not go past his 30th birthday, which is in a couple of days. "God" gives a mystical spray of "living water". This "living water" only works with faith. Keng proceeds to play with this spray. A little later he discovers that his spray brings things back to life and all the exhibits at the Noah's Ark theme park comes back to life between 10am-10pm. 
Keng stops the exhibits from fighting (just like night at the museum) and all the exhibits start to work together as a "dream team" to bring the park back to life and this attracts many visitors to the park. But then the "devil" tries to destroy this by making the exhibits feel like they are losers. 
Eventually, Keng convinces the exhibits that they are not losers, each of the exhibits are part of God's dream team who have bought people to know Christ. This is too late though, Keng's girlfriend gets kidnapped and there is a bomb in the building. And Keng eventually saves the day by sacrificing his life (even though he was originally afraid to die).... 

My thoughts
It was an entertaining movie. I laughed. I cried. I was surprised. I was on edge. If you are after a masterpiece, this is not it. If you are looking for a movie that leaves you thinking, this is probably not it. If you are looking for a movie that will move people to believe in God, this is probably not it. The actors will probably never win any awards for their performances in this movie. 
If you don't expect much- then it's ok. The purpose is to simply show that we are not cursed. Each of us can make choices that can lead to life (eternally with God) or death (by following the ways of the world and the devil). When we have faith, we can become alive/a dream team, even though we are emotionally dead or feel like we are failures. 

Since this was the last show in Australia, I don't think Jill had much time to share her testimony. But she did share with us three songs :). 

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